Do what ya gotta do…

For those of you who may not know, I am all about full disclosure. Many times my friends will yell out TMI and cover their ears. Well I am going to disclose how stupid but effective I can be.

As some of you may be aware of my roof leak / major termite damage as over taken my freshly made over living room. ( life likes to throw curves) Well I am expecting 16 to 20 people not only for thanksgiving but then again for a holiday party. ( WTH am I thinking). So since there is no money fairy coming to repair this damage, I decided to make that “B” pretty.

Last night, much to my daughters chagrin I decided to wrap this little baby up. Throw back up the mantle and act like life is good. Don’t worry I will be doing more to this to make it look a little better, but I couldn’t wait to share in my silliness.

This morning when I was thinking about this paper it made me realize that this is how I get through my day. For weeks I have stared at this hole and contemplated what I can do with it, how can I fix it and mostly just cried about my poor luck.

But like life, sometimes you just have to patch over it and move on. Each day, even when I don’t feel like it, I get up and put on makeup, do my hair and slap on my sarcastic attitude and smile. I move on, there is no reason to keep staring at the bad things that happen. Picking at a sore does nothing but make it scar and last forever.

Yes I know I will have to get this damage to the house fixed. (DUH I know I am blonde but even I know this bandaid won’t stay) But for this week, this wrapping paper will  let me enjoy my friends and family and focus on the many things that I am thankful for,instead of the curve balls that life likes to throw at me.

Here’s to you all being able to focus on the good this week, slap on a bandaid and move forward. You can do it!

Health, wealth, and happiness starts with you…


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